Rebecca Raleigh, also known as "Red Beccy", is a captain in Lyssingham regiment of Horse. She started from humble beginnings and, after joining the Royal Army, quickly rose through the ranks. A fierce warrior and a sound tactician, she has earned a formidable reputation and became very popular in her regiment. She is considered a great leader by her subordinates.

She participated in the Battle of Misthaven during the war with Hutvar.

Raleigh is also known for her aggressive tactics and decisive actions on the battlefield. This probably was what prompted her to join colonel McAlister in his effort to disrupt the siege of Aethelyn, acting independently from the sickness-ridden army of general Longarm. She achieved great success in their joint venture, and later distinguished herself during the Battle of Aethelyn. Howard Ferguson, the retiring chief of Lyssingham regiment, proposed to make Raleigh colonel and the regimental commander in his stead.

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