Colonel Brenner is the chief of the 13th Regiment of Foot (the Crimson Regiment), known until recently as Crimson Brigade. They were a large mercenary unit from Menker, a vendish free trading city that became a part of Acrenor half a century ago. Over the years they earned a reputation of highly professional soldiers and became a force to be reckoned with, achieving many victories and honors on the fields of battle. Brenner's been commanding the brigade for almost a decade now, leading them during the war with Yvern two years ago. The Crimson brigade performed so well that Brenner got a proposition from the king to transform his brigade into a full-time Royal Army regiment, preserving their numbers and higher-than-usual pay. After consulting with his officers he accepted the offer.

Karl Brenner was in charge of Dornwick training camp for the first two months after its creation. He oversaw the training process, bringing along with him a team of experienced officers and sergeants from his regiment.

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