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Jenna, also known by her ranger alias "Wolverine", is an experienced ranger and marksman hailing from the Western Frontier. She is one of the seven survivors of the Expedition to the Ninth fortress. She is currently a member of Prince Gregor's Special Unit.


Jenna is a young woman somewhere in her mid-twenties, athletically built, gray-eyed, with straight, almost shoulder-length red hair, a near-constant grumpy look on her face, and a sharp, frowning glare. She hardly ever smiles, talks coldly to strangers, and her eyes seem to hide a deep-rooted anger. She is rumored to be one of the best archers in the West, and naturally has a longbow as her weapon of choice, with a warhammer, a large hunting knife, and a buckler as secondary options. She mostly wears simple, practical clothing of green and brown, with high-heel boots and a dark-green ankle-length cloak.


Wolverine is not the easiest person to get along with, having a rough personality and a skeptical, somewhat pessimistic mindset, although her fellow rangers value her greatly. She would never abandon a friend in need, especially on the field of battle. Jenna exhibits a rather unusual view of the orcs and obviously respects them, despite being their enemy. She is very knwledgeable about them and thinks that they're driven to war by the needs of survival, and that the main reason for their centuries-long onslaught is overpopulation and scarcity of fertile land in the west. Nevertheless, she thinks that trying to make peace with the orcs is madness, since both sides are too reluctant to make such an attempt.

Jenna mentioned that she doesn't trust high authorities anymore, since she had a very bad experience with them in the past. Currently she upholds the opinion that all of them only care about their own interests, and that those far from the frontier don't even understand the nature of the war and what effort it takes to hold the orcs at bay.


Jenna was born in a hunting village on the Western frontier and grew up there. Her family has lived in constant anxiety of orcish raids for the last decade. Her father Robert, a ranger himself, was the one who taught her all the skills necessary to survive in the wild, as well as marksmanship. Jenna's mother, on the other hand, was of a more traditional mindset, and objected to her husband giving Jenna the freedom to pursue what she wanted. When Jenna was a teenager, half her family, including father, were killed in an orc raid whilst defending their village. Robert died on his daughter's hands, and his final wish was for her to join the Ranger Corps, which Jenna vowed to fulill. The mother, having become the head of the family, vehemently opposed such decision and tried to subject Jenna to her will. She, however, pressed on and eventually ran away from home. She hasn't set foot on her native soil since.

Jenna became a ranger and joined the everlasting struggle. After the initial training she took part in many missions and skirmishes on the Frontier and quickly gained respect of her peers. At a later point, she fell in love with her commaning officer, then-lieutenant Daniel "Phantom" McBride, who did not reciprocate. The feelings have subsided since, but they remained close friends. In time, she attained the rank of lieutenant herself, having taken over command of her unit during battle after their officer perished, and killing an orc shaman.

During the spring of 1496, Jenna took part in an expedition to the Ninth fortress, aimed to recover the magical artifacts lost during its fall. Over 30 rangers set out from Azgar. Among them was Wallace Flannaghan, a famed archer from Norfolk who won the kingdom's most prestigious tournament and later joined the Ranger Corps due to his glory-seeking nature. Many rangers distrusted him at first, but Wallace proved himself to be dependable and even befriended some of them. It was when the expedition reached the ruins of the Ninth, however, that his inclinations took the better of him. While on the scouting mission with Jenna, Wallace tried to kill an orc shaman with one precise shot, revealing their presence, and failing miserably. Half of the patrol was killed, and the whole mission was compromised. The rangers retreated hastily through the wild with orc hunters on their heels, forced to run for days without rest. Many lives were lost during the insane pursuit, sometimes the rangers were even forced to finish off their brethren who sustained wounds too heavy to carry on. Only eight of them made it to the Hagon in the end, including Wallace, Jenna, Phantom, Lynx, and Violet. Infuriated by the death of her battle brothers and friends, as well as by Wallace's arrogance, Jenna then murdered Flanaghan with her own hands, as the rest stood by. The seven survivors promised to keep it secret, and Wallace was written off as a casualty in the official report.

General Longarm was furious with the rangers, as they failed to salvage any artifacts, and put the entire blame on the Corps. During the debrief, Jenna called him out for sending them on what was essentially a suicide mission. This angered Longarm even more and he ordered Jenna imprisoned and hanged for treason, but later changed his mind thanks to McAlister's interference, and only demoted her to sergeant.