Gregor is the eldest son of king Lakar II and the heir to the throne of Acrenor. The crown prince has already established himself as a brave warrior and capable military commander. He spearheaded the war against Yvern together with then-general Alexander Gaunt. He was also the mastermind behind several reforms of the Royal Army, including the wider use of gunpowder, artillery re-arming and establishing the Engineer corps. Prince Gregor also conceived of creating a special unit to carry out important tasks for the crown and to that end organised the large training training camp at Dornwick.

He was the one to persuade the king to pardon Kraig Johnson on condition that he would enter the special unit. Gregor believed that Kraig wasn't guilty of murdering Pulcer Penrose, duke of Norfolk. He also hoped that Kraig's skills would prove useful and that eventually he would help determine who the real plotters were.

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