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Elias is a reclusive young apprentice mage, a disciple of the crown wizard Zed Ventus. Elias is a member of Prince Gregor's Special Unit.


Elias is an attractive young man with delicate features, slender built and of average height (5' 4"). His raven black hair is chin-length excluding the long ponytail which goes down to his waist. He has languishing grey eyes with long eyelashes and wears one single piece of jewellery in his left ear: a niello earring, shaped like a star. Elias wears robes from high-quality materials, his usual choice of colours is violet, blue or black. His image is complete with the elegant high heel boots and the recently acquired magic staff.


Most of his time Elias spends reading various books on magic, studying and practising his arts. He is rarely seen without a book and he clearly prefers the company of written word to society. He prefers to discuss private matters in written form as well. Despite that fact he is well-spoken and courteous when needed, allowing his arrogance to show only when he thinks it will not endanger him. When not speaking to the higher ups he usually does not hold back.


Elias became an apprentice at the age of six which was ten years ago and studied hard since.


It is known that Elias is the fourth child in his family, artisans from Walchester, others being two older brothers and a deceased sister. Recently he spilled that his grandmother was Yvernese.

It is speculated by his squadmates that he harbors romantic feeling towards Jenna Lockwood, within whose presence he behaves like a typical tsundere. However, he will fiercely deny any such implications.


Elias is already quite famous for his fairly recently discovered quickcasting abilities and to ones, who fought alongside him, it is obvious that he especially mastered the wind spells and prefers them to any else.