Alexander Gaunt, duke of Lynchester, is the field marshal of the Royal Army. Gaunt was born a crown knight, a member of the estate fully dedicated to the milirary service directly to the king. He began his career as an infantry officer and quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his skill and quick, calculating mind. Alexander was a student and unofficial successor of William Howard, a prominent Royal Army commander, and became general soon after he retired. He also served as a personal advisor to prince Gregor during the Army reform. Soon, he led the Army to a sound, uncontested victory in war against Yvern, and was appointed field marshal immediately after. Gaunt was then elevated to dukedom, a grace unheard of in the Kingdom.

A brilliant tactician and a father to his men, Gaunt is loved by his soldiers and respected by fellow commanders, as much as he is envied by his political adversaries. It is no secret that he received the ducal title in place of Henry Stafford, baron of Webley and former duke of Devon, who fell from grace after he lost his major fief, which he was supposed to protect, to Hutvar. Stafford has been especially cold and hostile to Gaunt ever since, and rumor has it that he might be scheming against him in the Parliament.

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